Why our work doesn’t feel like “work”

I’m a graduate of Columbia Public Schools. A proud Shepard Stallion, Jeff Junior Cyclone and Hickman Kewpie. And now our children are attending Columbia Public Schools. I’m passionate about our strong public school system – and that’s why it doesn’t feel like work to work for a client like the Columbia Public Schools Foundation (CPSF).

CPSF’s mission is to enhance and enrich our public schools and to provide opportunities for students and teachers that the district otherwise could not afford. I’m on board with that, and I can see firsthand as a parent how those grants and projects help enrich experiences for my kids.

It’s my job to tell the story of the Foundation and to help others in our community see why they, too, should be passionate about the good work of the Foundation.

Good work – it’s something we’re proud of at KMC, and that’s why the quote above is on our chalkboard wall at our office. We believe in what we do, and we believe in working hard for our clients to tell their unique stories.

It’s easy to tell those stories when it’s something that we believe in, too. Whether it’s the Foundation supporting our teachers and kids, the Ronald McDonald House helping families, or Coil Construction’s dedication to giving back to the community, we are proud and passionate to call these organizations our clients.