Why I left my corporate job and started my own marketing communications agency

How did Knorr Marketing Communications, aka KMC, come about? It’s simple really. My husband and I found ourselves stretched thin with dual careers requiring extensive hours and three young kids (ages 6, 3 and 1). We were a train wreck waiting to happen.

It really became apparent one Sunday afternoon after I returned home from working a few extra hours at the office and my then 6-year-old asked me if I was in a bad mood. I responded no but then asked her why she asked me that. She innocently replied, “Because you are always in a bad mood when you get home from work.” It was in that moment, I knew it was time for a change.

Prior to this life-changing decision, I was happily (or so I thought) employed directing the corporate communications and advertising department for Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance. We had completely embraced the concept of integrated marketing communications and were making strides at integrating our marketing and business development departments with the corporate communications and advertising department to increase our effectiveness in reaching targeted audiences. I loved the variety of work involved and the opportunity to be creative and strategic at the same time.

Once I officially decided it was time to hang up the corporate hat for a more flexible mom/entrepreneur hat, I immediately started brainstorming what I would call this little business venture of mine. Before I could come up with a name, I needed to identify what it was that I would offer. In the end, I knew what I could bring to the table for clients: integrated marketing communications strategy. And, with the help of various freelance artists, I could also develop and produce the creative concepts and production, as needed.

Back to the name of this venture. I struggled for a long time on this. After all, it would be my identity and brand. Not a quick decision. I knew that with my last name in the company name, it would likely always be mispronounced (for those who don’t know – the K is NOT silent!). So, an acronym seemed to make the most sense. Then, it hit me – Knorr Marketing Communications or KMC. While not overly creative, it included my name, but also more clearly spelled out what it is that I would offer—marketing communications strategy.

But, what is even more telling is what “KMC” means to me personally—the initials of my three kids in the order in which they were born—Kelsey, Macy and Chase. After all, they were the reason I decided to jump off the corporate train I was on for a more flexible, family-friendly one.