The Best Part of Our Job

As we work remotely, we are reflecting on our jobs and what makes them so great. Here’s what everyone has to say:

Wendy Knorr, Founder & Owner

The best part of our job comes from the variety of clients we have and the impact we have in our community with each client, such as building a better community with Coil Construction, helping kids in the schools with the Columbia Public Schools Foundation, and supporting small businesses with Optimized CFO.  From an event management side, we get to help make memories for employees and their families at Veterans United Home Loans, support the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Missouri through the Red Shoe Gala, help raise funds for Columbia Public Schools Foundation and Welcome Home and help families realize dreams with the Dream Factory.  

Shelly Rolwing, Director of Events

Seeing the entire process of an event unfold – from the very beginning to its completion is the best part of the job. We love being able to transform a space, have an impact on guests’ experience at an event and make our clients happy!

Katie Harris, Account Manager

Being able to work in a creative and flexible environment where, even during these challenging times, we can work from home and still connect with our team and our clients.

Claire Foster, Creative Director

I love that we get to work on problems from a variety of angles—from meeting with the client to the nitty-gritty details like font choices and ad verbiage. It’s rewarding to see all the small pieces come together to make something great for the client.

Susan Jones, Events Manager & Financial Specialist

There is not a better feeling than pulling off successful events for our clients while getting to work with a group of fun, dedicated and creative people.  With no two events being the same, the planning process is exciting and rewarding and that is the best part of being an Event Planner. 

Tammy Miller, Strategic Communications Manager & Creative Strategist

After working for corporate for a very long time, I love the variety of working for a number of clients and working with such a talented, dedicated team! 

Sara Davis, Events Manager

The best part of my job is the creative women I work with and have the opportunity to learn from. This isn’t limited to the ladies at KMC but with all of our clients; I love learning about different industries, nonprofit missions, and how we all come together to create one memorable event. 

Hannah May, Events Intern

As the Events Intern, I have absolutely fallen in love with the event planning process. I say I truly work best under pressure, to finish a to-do list and meet a deadline (HA! Sounds like event days right?). I love that I am able to be creative, work on all aspects of event planning and most importantly have the best team teaching me tips and tricks that I will use for the rest of my career. Ask any of my family, roommates, friends, etc. – I talk about how much I love my job on the daily.

Emma Fordyce, Marketing Intern

It’s really great to be able to do work for real clients while still in school and to be able to grow my skills outside of the classroom. I love all of the ladies in the office and I’ve learned so much from each of them, not just career-wise but about life in general!

Thank you to all of our clients and work friends who make this such a great job and for allowing us to use our passion every day!