Our Team

Susan Jones

Events Manager

Susan Jones is an events manager KMC Events. She helps the team keep track of everything from event budgets to bookkeeping. Susan enjoys working together with a great team of women at KMC and, while finances are her specialty, she also helps plan, manage and execute KMC events.

Susan was born and raised in Brookfield, Mo., and graduated from Missouri Western State University with a degree in business administration. Before Susan joined the KMC team, she worked as a mortgage loan supervisor for Boone County National Bank. Susan and her husband have lived in Columbia for more than twenty years and have raised two children here. When she’s not working, Susan looks forward to spending weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks with family and friends. She’s also busy volunteering for local events in the community.

My most unpopular opinion is:

Ironing is fun

The one thing you will never hear me say is:

I love winter!

My most commonly used phrase:

It’s all good!