Our Team

Kristen Sudge

Marketing Communications Specialist

Kristen Sudge joined KMC in 2023 as a Marketing Communications Specialist. Kristen works on developing and implementing strategic plans for KMC clients to help them reach their marketing and communications goals. She serves as an account manager for clients and creates press releases, social media strategies and designs, strategic plans, annual reports and mailings. Kristen earned a bachelor’s degree in art marketing from The University of North Georgia. She previously worked at a non-profit organization marketing to a wide variety of audiences, assisting with fundraising event collateral and production, and widening the organization’s reach through outlets such as social media and merchandise design. Outside of KMC, she enjoys photography, learning more about the art of ceramics, and taking her dog, Ruby, on long walks. 

If I wasn’t a marketing and communications specialist, I’d be:

An elementary school art teacher

My most unpopular opinion is:

It’s not a sandwich without mayonnaise

If I was a punctuation mark, I’d be:

An exclamation point!