Some downtime to reflect

“Your current situation is giving you an opportunity to re-evaluate what you want.” 

The one thing I have spent a lot of time on during this pandemic “downtime” is reflecting on KMC. How did we get here?  What is our purpose?  What are our goals and dreams?  What’s next for KMC?  What do I want to be next for KMC? 

Typically, time to reflect is a luxury that is rarely taken.  In the midst of my “normal before the Coronavirus” routine, I often found myself wishing for the world to just stop so I could catch up. I wanted to have time to really think and dream, to get organized, to find time to write, to figure out next steps and how to grow KMC, etc.  Well, the world stopped (literally!), so what did I do with the time?

First, I still had to run the business and make sure the business would still run!  From a financial standpoint, I re-ran numbers and developed a new short-term budget.  I applied for the PPP loan and cut all unnecessary spending.  

In addition to the financial aspects, we still had clients that needed our attention.  Due to the Coronavirus, we worked with clients on their response to the crisis. And, we worked with other clients on what the Coronavirus would mean for the future of their events – both in the short term and the long term.   

But, with events on pause and stuck at home, I did find some time to do what I always wanted to do: reflect and dream. 

Every few days, I drove to the office to gather mail and check on things.  On several occasions I found myself just sitting and looking around the office.  It was quiet.  I was quiet. I let it speak to me and what I heard was a lot. Typically, the office is buzzing when we are all there. But in the quiet, I realized the office was filled with inspiration and motivation that we were all breathing in each day.  Here’s what I found as I looked around at our artwork, our chalk wall, our plaques and even our saved fortune cookie fortunes:

  • Believe. Imagine
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Be afraid of not changing.
  • She believed she could. So she did.
  • Trust me. I know what I’m doing.
  • She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans.
  • The meaning of life is not a question to be answered, but an EVENT to be experienced.
  • Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.
  • Stay focused.
  • Be awesome.
  • Work hard. Play hard.
  • Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.
  • You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.

These words of inspiration have helped me as I built this business and have helped me throughout this pandemic and new normal.  And now that we are starting to get on the other side of things (at least for now and hopefully for the future), I’m asking myself “So, where am I after my reflection time?”  What were the lessons learned? 

Take things day by day  Marketing Communications is all about planning, but also about responding. We work with our clients to help them tell their story and when their story changes, we change with them.  

We are passionate about our work As your partner, not your agency, KMC takes a real interest in our clients and their business.  This time has given us the perspective to appreciate our own work and feel confident about what the future holds. We offer creative solutions for all your marketing communication and event management needs and will continue to use our passion to bring you the best!

We will celebrate soon:  We are all social creatures.  We long for the days that we can celebrate together again. Events will return when it’s safe and we will be ready to help you make lasting memories with your family and friends. We are ready to help you start planning today for tomorrow’s celebrations!

But, most of all, this time of reflection has given me perspective.  15 years ago when I set out on this journey, I couldn’t have imagined where I would be—an integrated marketing communications and event planning company with a team that is as passionate about what we do as I am. Yet, here I am. When I started, there were no plans for event management services being offered, there were no plans for a digital and media marketing services and there were no plans for website development and maintenance.  But, just as in life, nothing really goes according to plan. Opportunities present themselves and become our new, expanded path.  I’m excited to see what’s next!