Santa’s Booked

We’ve all heard the adage, “Life is not fair” and know it to be true the more we experience life.  But, this year, this hits especially close to home at KMC.  We had two amazing interns this past year – one for Marketing Communications and one for Events.  This weekend they were both scheduled to graduate from the University of Missouri. Not only do they not get a formal graduation, they didn’t even get a formal goodbye from all of us at KMC! They, along with all graduating seniors, deserve more.  It’s not fair.  And, yet, they have risen to the occasion and are looking forward to what’s next.  We will definitely miss them, but know that they will do great things in this world! Take a minute to read about this experience through Hannah’s eyes.

Hannah May, 2019-2020 Events Intern

As my internship at KMC comes to an end, there have been a few defining moments throughout the past year that I have summed up to perfectly explain “Welcome to Event Planning Life.”

The first moment was in August, and I received a phone call while standing in my apartment. It was Santa, and he was calling to tell me he was already booked for the date of our December Santa Parties events. My roommates asked who called, and I answered “Santa. He’s booked,” very dramatically and disappointedly. Now an inside joke between my roommates, “Hannah calling Santa in August,” was a humorous “Welcome to Event Planning Life,” moment.

The second moment was a Walmart trip at 8 p.m. racing to pick up hundreds of diapers before a snowstorm hit Columbia. It was nothing special, or funny, I was just standing in Walmart late at night buying diapers. It was a moment that I realized event planners go above and beyond, and a very accurate “Welcome to Event Planning Life,” moment. Finally, the recent pandemic has been an overwhelming, “Welcome to Event Planning Life,” moment.

Within days, events were being cancelled left and right, and my future in the event planning industry was drastically changing. As heartbreaking as this period has been as a graduating college student and young adult trying to find her place in the real-world, this has taught me more than any college course or onsite event ever will. Event planning requires problem-solving, dedication and creative thinking. This pandemic has been just that. I quickly had to adapt to online courses and a remote internship while remaining determined to finish the past 16 years of school strong and focus on the positives despite the unknown.

Four years ago, I entered the unknown of college unsure of what Strategic Communication in the Missouri School of Journalism even was. Since then, I have found a passion for marketing, public relations and event planning. Working at KMC has shown me the power of balancing all three and the
impact these industries can make in the community. As the KMC Events Intern, I have been able to learn and grow throughout the entire event planning process. To the next Events Intern… I am so jealous of you! The internship is everything I could have ever asked for and more. The KMC team will guide you, support you and give you all the advice you need.

Although there are still lots of unknowns, I am sure that my future involves more event days running around with a walkie-talkie and clipboard – and I can’t wait!