Farewell, KMC!

As I wrap up my internship at KMC, I want to reflect on all the good, the fun, the crazy and all of the things I learned that have prepared me for my job after graduation.

In my first week, I knew I would be doing much more than marketing. It just so happened to be an event week, and I got to show off my kickball officiating skills on-site. That first week taught me a good life lesson: be flexible. Give your best effort in any situation you’re put into. It’s safe to say, though, that I will not be contacted to be a referee for any kickball team in the near future.

Throughout the past 10 months, I’ve learned so much about marketing, social media strategy, event planning and graphic design. I’ve strengthened my professionalism and feel so prepared for life after graduation. Being immersed in the KMC team has been so valuable. I’ve been given the freedom to run with my ideas and the guidance to develop a better eye for what is right and what isn’t. Learning from the ladies of KMC has been so beneficial. Their talent, brains and diligence has encouraged me to follow in their footsteps!

While MOST of what I’ve worked on has been related to marketing, there’s been a few of those kickball ref moments that have made my internship experience so unique and fun. One time, I folded over 600 pairs of fuzzy socks for an event! All those years of never folding my socks growing up finally caught up to me.I’ve gotten to be apart of impressive events coming to life, with headset in hand and breaking my daily step record! One of the reasons why I love working in an agency is that everyday is different. Having to dial random combinations of phone numbers to determine which ones are available for a new business is one of those tasks that doesn’t happen too often, but when it does it’s memorable.

What I will miss the most about KMC is the people and the dynamic of the team. I’ll miss hearing the daily lunch debate, Alexa stopping the music at the most random times, and laughing in the office with everyone throughout the day! Thank you, KMC, for a great year!