What does an event planner do during a global pandemic?

What does an event planning company do during a global pandemic? Well, you reminisce a lot about all the past events and quickly forget about sore feet and aching backs and all those crazy event hours! We also finally found some time to enter a few of our events for award competitions for the first

What’s Next for the Event Industry?

Ironic timing to be writing my first blog post as an event planner in a time when there currently are no live events! For a planner who works off a timeline for EVERYTHING in her life, we are now in an unprecedented time when nobody knows what the timeline is for anything. I’ve been in

KMC all grown up

It’s time to break out those black plastic combs in honor of school picture days! We all have our favorite memories of school pictures — good and bad. The KMC team has changed just a bit from our own school picture days. Check out our first grade-era pics!