My Favorite Job

We’ve all heard the adage, “Life is not fair” and know it to be true the more we experience life.  But, this year, this hits especially close to home at KMC.  We had two amazing interns this past year – one for Marketing Communications and one for Events.  This weekend they were both scheduled to

The Best Part of Our Job

As we work remotely, we are reflecting on our jobs and what makes them so great. Here’s what everyone has to say: Wendy Knorr, Founder & Owner The best part of our job comes from the variety of clients we have and the impact we have in our community with each client, such as building

The Best Advice We’ve Ever Received

We get told advice every day, whether we ask for it or not.  From friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. Sometimes, though, this advice sticks with us and we carry it with us every day. We asked the ladies here at KMC what that advice was for them and this is what they had to